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Shopify Films - Doc Series

6 eps x 20-30 min

Production & Post Production Supervisor

Shopify Films travels the world, uncovering captivating characters using entrepreneurship to transform lives. This series tells the story of ordinary individuals who, driven by an unquenchable passion, have leaped into entrepreneurship to leave their mark on the world.

Beauty Mark - Doc Series

5 eps x 16-20 min

Production & Post Production Supervisor

Two women go on a quest to meet empowering women entrepreneurs who are shaping the beauty industry's future. They go beyond face value and explore what it takes to carve out a space within a billion-dollar industry and why taking this on is essential to their lives.

And Nowhere Else - Doc Series

5 eps x 15-18 min

Production & Post Production Supervisor

"And Nowhere Else" is a documentary series that travels the world examining the relationship between where we live and what we choose to create. Each episode will travel to a new location, where we will meet four different people who have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit as a way to respond to a unique situation or characteristic of the place they call home.

Shopify Canada 150 Series

6 eps x 5-6 min

Production & Post Production Supervisor

The "Canada 150" project is a series of short documentaries that celebrate the places we live, work and create. Each film focuses on an entrepreneur from a different geographic location in Canada and explores how our lives influence who we are and what we make.

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